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DeSCo SV100 Series Windows
AAMA Designation
Coming Soon

ASTM F588 (Forced Entry)
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CRF Rating
Coming Soon

Water Resistance
Coming Soon

Maximum Sash Size
36" x 60"

Operating Hardware
Cam handles
4 bar hinges

Optional Screens
Wicket screens
Fiberglass or aluminum mesh

Frame Depth
2 15/16"

Typical Material Thickness

Frame Construction
Miter – crimp & epoxy weld

Vent Construction
Miter - crimp & epoxy weld

Glazing Thickness

Casement with cam handles
Minimum Size - 13" wide x 13" high
Maximum Size - 36" wide x 60" high

Project-out vent with Roto Operator
Minimum Size - 23" wide x 24" high
Maximum Size - 36" wide x 60" high
Hardware Optional Standard
Cam Handles  
Custodial Locks  
Locking Handles  
4-Bar Hinges  
Roto Operators  
Friction Adjustors  
Limited Opening Device  
Limit Stops  
Wicket Screens  
ADA Hardware  

IECC Compliant Vent
Zero Sightline
Advanced Ployamide thermal break
Ultra low U-values